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What It’s Like to Run 135 Miles at

Using a GoPro camera, 41-year-old Josh Spector ran 135 miles in the Brazil 135, an “ultramarathon” in Caminho da Fé, Brazil. “What It’s Like to Run 135 Miles” was produced by BuzzFeed’s Henry Goldman, but since Spector carried the camera during his run, he created most of the videography.

The video starts with Spector speaking to the handheld camera about his nerves for the impending race. As he speaks about his experience with running and the reason for doing the Brazil 135, a montage of his race is shown. There is piano music playing softly in the background during the montage.

Several times throughout the piece, Spector checks in and speaks to the camera. The piece plays with light because Spector films as he runs during the night. As the dark footage is shown, with occasional streetlights and moonlight setting the scene, Spector’s voiceover speaks about how lonely he felt during this point of the marathon.

BuzzFeed stationed several people with cameras at certain points throughout the marathon. Most of the race footage was created by Spector as he held the camera, but at certain points, someone else is filming him, and you can see him running on the path. I would have liked the piece better if it was entirely from Spector’s perspective, but this footage was nice because it gave a different view of his run.

The piece ends with Spector running through the tape at the end of the race. A text slide states that his finishing time was 32 hours and 49 minutes. The piece ends with a still photo of Spector’s bare feet from the back, showing the blisters covering his heels and the soles of his feet.

This piece is one of the best multimedia pieces I’ve ever seen because it was so original and interesting to me. Running 135 miles sounds absolutely impossible to me, and to watch someone’s experience and hear their thoughts firsthand is truly inspiring and captivating. I thought the handheld camera was a good way to show Spector’s experience from his perspective. I also thought the use of the piano music was a nice touch, and it didn’t distract from the audio or the piece as a whole.

Overall, this piece was very well done. I think the personal documentation of an experience makes for an interesting multimedia piece, and all of the audio, video footage, and photos were clear and technically well-produced.


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